Decompression chambers in our region

Know what to do in case of an emergency!

Decompression sickness or pressure drop sickness is the name given to various disorders caused by injuries resulting from too rapid depressurization after exposure to overpressure. The injuries occur mainly in diving accidents (decompression accident), which is why the disease is also called diver’s disease or caisson disease (from the French word for caisson). The common cause of all decompression accidents is the formation of gas bubbles inside the body (ebullism).

Accidental divers and hyperbaric workers must get into a decompression chamber as quickly as possible to prevent permanent damage. While the pressure in the decompression chamber is increased rather quickly, held for a while and slowly lowered again, the increased nitrogen content in the tissue (along with the blood) can be eliminated without bubbles. If this does not succeed, gas bubbles are very likely to develop in the tissue, since the nitrogen passes from solution in the body into the gas phase as a result of the lower ambient pressure at the surface and bubbles out. The resulting bubbles can rupture tissue, block important blood vessels and cause the underlying tissue to die.

Text source: Wikipedia | Image source: Deco World

2022.09-11 – Abu Hamra – 0643