Price  - Diving - (incl. Tank, Weights, soft drinks)


2 Dive Minibus

4 Dive Minibus

6 Dive Minibus

8 Dive Minibus

10 Dive Minibus



€ 60

€ 112

€ 162

€ 212

€ 260


We offer courses from beginners to advanced and educate according to the international PADI Standards.The choice is:

Open Water Diver (OWD)

The fun factor: 

This course is fun-learning to dive is unbelievable. You will breathe underwater for the first time (something you will never forget) and learn everything necessary to become an approved diver. Under the supervision of a PADI Diver Teacher you will do at least 5 Dives in a swimming pool and 4 dives in the local area.


Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD):

Discover and experience something new. That is what the PADI-AOWD course is all about. No-you do not have to be „advanced“ to complete the course. When you have completed the PADI-OPWD course, you can follow whit the AOWD course.

The AOWD course helps you to improve you skills and to build up your confidence underwater. This is the best way to accumulate more dives and learn under the supervision of PADI Diver Teacher. 


Rescue Diver:

The PADI Rescue Diver course is described as the „rewarding challenge“. The course adds to what you have already learnt and extends you skills. You learn how to recognize and avoid problems. how to deal with problems if this does happen to arise.

Pricelist - Diving - „Specials“

diving specials


Full-Day Boat (2 dives incl. lunch and drinks)

Introduction Dive Minibus (incl. Equipment and Divemaster)

Introduction Dive Boat (incl. Equipment and Divemaster)

Guiding for Diver per day

Permission coast guard per week

Nitrox – each Tank

15 Liter Tank

extra Entrance Zerip Kepir /Abu Sawatir


€ 95

€ 75

€ 55      

€ 65                 

€ 5        

€ 10 

€ 4

€ 2

€ 5


Scuba Diver (2 days incl. Equipment)

Open Water Diver (4 days incl. Equipment)

Advanced Diver (2 days excl. Equipment)

Emergency First Response (1 Day)

Rescue Diver (4 Days)

Nitrox Course

Specialty Course

Extra for all courses: Certification

€ 175               

€ 350               

€ 260               

€ 90

€ 320

€ 100

on request

€ 80

Speciality Course:

Deep Diving – Wreck Diving – Buoyancy Perfection – Night Diving – Enriched Air Diver . . . .

Snorkling (including Guide, Equipment, soft drinks)

Abu Sawatir (half day)

Zerip Kepir (half day)

€ 20

€ 20

Rental Equipment

Complete Equipment each day (BCD,Regulator, Suit, Mask, Snorkel, Finns, Computer)

Torch (each Dive)    

Regulator (per day)    

Wetsuit (per day)    

Finns (per day)

BCD (per day)

Computer (per day)

Mask, snorkel (per day)

€ 19                              

€ 5

€ 5

€ 3

€ 3

€ 5

€ 5

€ 3