Here applies the well-known saying “He who has the choice, has the agony”.

Our offer includes daily shore dives with our experienced dive guides at different dive sites along the coast as well as interesting day trips on our comfortable dive boat “Venicia” – you will certainly not get bored here! Newcomers can gain their first diving experience during a so-called “trial dive” or decide to take a diving course right away.

With diving compressors from Bauer as well as tested compressed air tanks from Luxfer we provide the best breathing air under water. In addition, we offer you the latest diving equipment from international manufacturers such as aqualung, Cressi, problue for rent.

According to the wishes of our guests and the diving conditions we organize varied dives and pick you up free of charge from all hotels between El Quseir and Port Ghalib as well as the Hotel Three Corners Fayrouz and the Hotel Tulip Resort.

Just write us when you booked your hotel and we will organize the transfer for you.

Our dive sites

Diving at the house reef

Whether directly after arrival for a first short dive, for the checkdive or for other dives: Our house reef is easily accessible directly from the dive center. The advantages are clear: Everything in the same place! Our team brings tanks and weights right up to the entry point, so diving from the house reef is a breeze.

Besides our house turtle there is a lot to see: Starting with scorpion fishes over moray eels up to a baby shark – the latter unfortunately only rarely. Along the house reef dolphins, eagle rays and even a Wahlhei have already been seen! And in the night dives the chance to see a Spanish dancer is very big :-)

Diving from shore

The shore dives we offer are in no way inferior to the outer reefs.

The respective dive sites can be reached in only 20 to 60 minutes by our air-conditioned minibus. Accompanied by experienced dive guides and our helpers, shore dives are the best alternative for boat or house reef diving.

Diving from boat

With our dive boat “VENICIA” we start for half or full day tours to the most beautiful reefs along the coast.

Our boat meets the current safety standards, is officially approved and tested. The equipment includes spacious decks with seating and lounging areas as well as clean wet rooms for showering after snorkeling/diving; the well-organized diving platform also offers sufficient storage space for diving/snorkeling equipment.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks are included on all boat tours. On the full day tours there is a delicious lunch and fresh fruits on board. Of course there is also time for snorkeling or relaxing on the comfortable sun deck between dives.

As soon as you arrive, we need some documents from you. You can already download these documents, fill them out and bring them to the check-in.


House reef

Scuba tank, diving-lead, water and cola included

2 dives house reef€ 60
4 dives house reef€ 112
6 dives house reef€ 162
8 dives house reef€ 212
10 dives house reef€ 260


Scuba tank, diving-lead, water and cola included

2 Dives Minibus€ 66
4 Dives Minibus€ 124
6 Dives Minibus€ 180
8 Dives Minibus€ 236
10 Dives Minibus€ 290


3-days-package (6 dives): 1 day boat Port Ghalib, 2 days beach€ 200
5-days-package (10 dives: 2 days boat Port Ghalib, 3 days beach€ 330
Elphinestone€ 130
Full-Day Boot (2 dives including lunch and drinks)€ 80
Introduction Dive Minibus (including Equipment and Guide)€ 60
Introduction Dive Boat (including Equipment, Guide, Lunch and Drinks)€ 80
Guiding for Diver per day€ 5
Permission coast guard per week€ 10
Nitrox each Tank€ 3
15 Liter Tank€ 2
Entrace Zeryb Kepyr / Abu Sawatyr / Maheleg€ 5

Rental equipment

Complete diving equipment (per day)
Included: BCD, regulator, suit, mask, snorkel, fins, computer
€ 25
Flashlight (per dive)€ 8
Regulator (per day)€ 8
Suit (per day)€ 6
Fins (per day)€ 5
BCD (per day)€ 8
Computer (per day)€ 5
Mask, snorkel (per day)€ 3
Life-Jacket€ 5

Diving after COVID disease – what you should know

We would like to point out that all divers who were ill with COVID require a diving fitness examination with written proof from the doctor.

If you need a test for the return journey, we will organize it on site (for a fee).

Medical recommendations for the resumption of diving

Clinical studies have shown cases of severe damage to the lungs, heart, central nervous system and kidneys as a result of COVID-19 infection.

Divers are of particular concern in this context with regard to permanent heart and lung damage. Similar to other severe viral pneumonias, divers require a recovery period after infection with COVID-19 before resuming their sport. Depending on the severity of symptoms, the recovery process can take weeks or months.

Here are the common recommendations for resuming diving after COVID-19. Note that the recommendations for divers who tested positive for COVID-19 but were asymptomatic, as well as the recommendations for divers who showed symptoms but were not hospitalized, have been updated since the original recommendations were published in spring 2020. It is also possible that the recommendations vary slightly from country to country. These differences exist because regulations had to be established expeditiously to deal with a previously unknown form of the disease and there was not yet sufficient time for cross-country and cross-cultural coordination. However, we advise all divers to exercise caution.


Divers who have tested positive for COVID-19 but have remained completely asymptomatic should wait at least 30 days from the first negative test before obtaining a certificate of fitness to dive and returning to diving.

Divers who are symptomatic of COVID-19 should wait at least 30 days from the first negative test and an additional 30 symptom-free days thereafter (for a total of two months) before obtaining a certification of fitness to dive from a diving medicine specialist.

Divers who have been hospitalized in connection with COVID-19 disease with or due to pulmonary symptoms should wait at least THREE months before obtaining a certification of fitness to dive from a diving medicine specialist. The examination should include a complete pulmonary function test (minimum FVC, FEV1, PEF25-50-75, RV and FEV1/FVC), exercise test with peripheral measurement of acid saturation and high-resolution computed tomography of the lungs to verify return to normal.

Divers hospitalized in connection with COVID-19 disease with or due to cardiac problems should wait at least THREE months before obtaining a certificate of fitness to dive from a specialist in diving medicine. The examination should include tests of cardiovascular functions, including ECG and exercise ECG, and determine normal function.

It is important that pulmonary and cardiovascular function tests be interpreted and validated by medical professionals with expertise in diving medicine. Please note that DAN Europe members, through their membership, are entitled to remote medical consultation advice from a diving physician in the DAN Europe network.

Decompression sickness

Almost all divers have heard of it: decompression sickness.

While our guides and divemasters point it out during the dives, and even though divers learn about it during their training, it can still happen – for whatever reason – that a diver suffers from decompression sickness. If this happens, it is important to react quickly and above all correctly.

We are very well equipped in Egypt and from all dive sites – boat or shore – we can reach a decompression chamber in a very short time.

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